"You've heard the old sayin "The South's gonna rise again". Well, I believe it has. Four former members of The New South, who recorded on the 1994 CD "Flashback" have done just that, They have gotten back together as the band Flashback, along with their new banjo player, Stuart Wyrick, whom I think was a good choice. Of course, now that I have mentioned the banjo picker's name, I'll have to introduce the rest of the group. Lead singer and guitarist is is none other than Richard Bennett. Tenor singer and mandolin features Don Rigsby. Playing dobro is "Uncle" Phil Leadbetter. Bass is played by Curt Chapman...So there.

I really enjoyed their song selections and arrangements of the music on this project. Also included are the talents of great musicians Ronnie Stewart and Tim Crouch on fiddles. You did a great job guys!  I'm proud to say that we not only picked together, but that we have remained good friends."

Best of luck,
J.D Crowe
January 2017 

"Foxhounds And Fiddles" is a work of music. That you wouldn't expect anything less. The reasons being, is the line up. Seasoned veterans that's been getting it right for a long time. The next few reasons, and, what I would consider the one most important, is the material. The others are the craft of the arrangements to pull them off, while allowing separation to hear the licks between the vocals and the mix of the overall performance. You'll find this from one track to the other, from top to bottom. This music is fresh, it's soothing to the ear, it's the true essence of what you'd want in your collection of Bluegrass music. I have a copy and love it. You will too."    -Marty Raybon

"I just had one of the more enjoyable music 'listening' sessions I've had in a while with the bluegrass group FLASHBACK!  This CD, 'FOXHOUNDS AND FIDDLES,' is a wonderful collection of mostly new songs with some great classics thrown in!  I've known most of the guys in FLASHBACK for several years and was expecting to hear really good stuff, but I underestimated my expectations!  These guys have over a hundred years, collectively, playing music and performing, and I've heard them in different configurations that have produced some great music.  This configuration is something special!  The choice of material and their arrangements are spot-on and really give them an identity, along with the unmistakable vocals of Richard Bennett and Don Rigsby (they really sound good together)!  I would list some favorite cuts from the recording, but I would probably wind up listing all of them!  If you don't have a copy of 'FOXHOUNDS AND FIDDLES' yet...get one!  You need it for your Bluegrass CD collection!  If you already have one, take a few minutes and put it in your player (if it's not there already) and, like me, have a very enjoyable music 'listening' session!!"

-Russell Moore
Lead Singer IIIrd Tyme Out

"Well, I just listened to the new album from FLASHBACK! (They were all members of the 1994 version of JD Crowe's all star band which was nominated for a Grammy)!

They are Phil Leadbetter, Don Rigsby, Richard Bennett, Stuart Wyrick and Curt Chapman. This just in: IT'S FANTASTIC! Cool songs, great musicianship..... This is  real deal all the way!"       -Steve Wariner